How to reduce file size of PowerPoint Presentations?

You’ve spent hours creating an awesome presentation, including lots of well thought-out images and graphics.  But when you try and share your file via email, you realize it’s too large to be sent.

If that’s a situation you have experienced, you need know about the Compress Picture function. In standard PowerPoint you will find it on the Picture Format tab, but PPT Productivity includes this feature in the Image group on our ribbon so that it’s only one click away. Let me show you how to compress a PowerPoint!

How do I compress pictures in PowerPoint?

To use this feature - select an image in your presentation then click the ‘Compress Picture’ icon. The ‘Compress Picture’ dialogue box will appear.

You can compress individual pictures in your presentation or all pictures.  To compress all, simply uncheck the ‘Apply only to this picture’ option.

If you do not need to edit your pictures further, leave the ‘Delete cropped areas of pictures’ checked. However, if you intend to make further changes to your pictures/ images, we strongly suggest leaving this option unchecked (until you’re ready to finalize the document).

What resolution should I use when compressing pictures?

Web (150 dpi) is recommended for presentations to be projected or used on a web page. Email (96 dpi) is a good size for files to be emailed.

Save your file. You can check the size of your presentation by going to the file tab and selecting ‘Info’. You should see that the file size of your presentation has been reduced.

Remember – emailing as PDF once you have compressed pictures will further reduce your file size (if the recipient doesn’t need access to an editable version).

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