Align to the first selected shape in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity. Override default PowerPoint alignment to most extremely positioned or outermost shape.

This feature lets you override PowerPoint's default alignment to outermost shape, to align to the first selected shape.

PPT Productivity by default aligns to outermost shape (consistent with standard PowerPoint). But PPT Productivity provides a feature to change the default so that you can align to the first selected shape in PowerPoint. Override the default alignment setting temporarily or permanently.

To temporarily align to first selected shape in PowerPoint, simply Ctrl-click the required PPT Productivity alignment button and your shapes will align to the first selected shape. To make alignment to first selected shape your default setting in PowerPoint, go to PPT Productivity tab > Settings > Shape Alignment. Tick "Align to first selected shape rather than outmost shape". Ctrl-click overrides the default, so once you have updated your default setting, Ctrl-click when clicking alignment buttons will then align to outermost shape.