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Are you a BCG Alumni, missing the features of the BCG PowerPoint toolbar? Perhaps you transitioned to industry to run a strategy team and need to boost the polish of your team's slides? Or moved to PE only to find you're doing just as many slides as you were in consulting, but without your tools? PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has the features you've been missing from the BCG PowerPoint add-in plus more!

PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint offers time saving benefits, through shortcuts and easy reuse. With 100+ features and a free trial (no credit card details required to access trial), our aim is to restore your productivity and help you boost your team's efficiency.

PPT Productivity was created by a team of BCG and Accenture Alums. PPT Productivity's founder is a BCG alum who wrote many of the initial BCG PowerPoint macros (aka the Cool macros) and features during his time at BCG. 

Here's a quick overview video of some features we think you'll love!

Missing BCG PowerPoint add-in? Quick overview of some PPT Productivity features

Just some of the many PPT Productivity features (all available to try in the free trial):

  • Slide Library for easy shape and slide reuse: PPT Productivity's Slide Library Toolbar lets you easily save and reuse your favorite slides, shapes, frameworks. Running a team? The Slide Library also lets you create shared galleries that all team members can access and use. The Slide Library is an easy way to increase consistency across your teams presentations, plus save time through quick reuse.
  • Downloadable shapes and templates: The Slide Library Toolbar is great for saving and reusing your own slides and shapes but you can also download 2000+ PowerPoint slide layouts, templates and shapes including issue trees, org charts, value chains, arrows, maps, loads of icons (icons are resizable and recolorable) and more. These are all included in the Power Tools license at no extra cost and available for use in the free trial.
  • Color Toolbar: The Color Toolbar makes it easy to access your presentation template colors, standard PowerPoint colors and custom colors. When you open a new presentation, the Color toolbar automatically updates to show the template theme colors, making it easy to stay brand aligned.
  • Magic Format Painters: Copy and paint formatting for shapes, text, tables, charts and animations with the Format Painter features
  • Formatting shortcuts: Features to speed up alignment, resizing, recoloring and most of them can be accessed via shortcut keys. Customizable shortcut keys let you truly hack your productivity - change or add new shortcuts to create easy to remember shortcut keys for your most frequent tasks.
  • Easier Editing/ Review: Features include Status Stamps, Sticky Notes, a Camouflage mode (aka Airplane mode!) to conceal slide logos while reviewing in public places, a No fly zone (aka text boundary) to set up design guides for your slide layout.
  • Harvey Balls: Shortcuts to add Harvey Balls to your slide. Click on a ball and select a different % fill to auto update. Harvey balls behave like shapes on your slide - you can easily recolor and resize them.
  • Embed Harvey Balls and Status indicators in Tables: When you add Harvey Balls or Status indicators to PowerPoint tables they embed for easy formatting and alignment. Status indicators include trend arrows, traffic light balls, check marks and crosses and plus minus signs.
  • Value Chains: PPT Productivity's insert Chevrons feature lets you quickly add value chains, process flows or other arrow based graphics to your PowerPoint slides.
  • Color bold text: Do you use bolded text for emphasis in your slides? This feature lets you click to color the bolded text on your slide, or select multiple slides and recolor in a single click. The feature knows to disregard slide titles. It defaults to your template colors, with an option to select an alternate preferred color for emphasis.
  • Alignment options: Customize your default alignment options - align to last selected shape, first selected shape or other options
  • ... and much more
PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in Toolbars screenshot
PPT Productivity Ribbon and Toolbars - PowerPoint add in

Agenda Wizard for PowerPoint feature

PPT Productivity's Agenda Wizard lets you generate Agenda / Table of Contents/ divider slides in PowerPoint that dynamically update as you move content around. You can also quickly convert your tag lines or a summary slide to create the agenda items. Need to rearrange your slides? No problem, the agenda updates. Use PowerPoint sections or not = your choice, the Agenda Wizard works either way

BCG Alumni VIP Extended PPT Productivity Trial Offer

We offer BCG Alumni an extended 60 day free trial (it's a genuine free trial - no credit card details required). To access this offer, download the 30 day trial and register using your current work email address, then contact us to request the BCG Alumni VIP offer. Our team will verify your alumni status via LinkedIn and add the bonus month to your trial. You can also book in a free personalized demo if you'd like a walkthrough.

Does PPT Productivity work on a Mac?

The team are working on a version for PowerPoint for Mac. Contact us if you'd like to be notified when it's available. In the interim - PPT Productivity runs on Macs if you use a virtual PC solution like Parallels Desktop for Mac. Learn more about using Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Purchase for Individuals or Teams

You can purchase a single PPT Productivity license, or licensing for a team or entire organization. Licensing is flexible - you can add users to your license key through a license year and pay pro-rata. Plus pricing is inclusive of training and support!

Want to create polished presentations faster? With PPT Productivity, boost your team's productivity with faster formatting, easier editing, collaboration tools and more! If you're not yet using PPT Productivity, download our free 30 day trial today. We offer free one-on-one training and flexible licensing to suit individuals, teams or enterprise.

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