The No Fly Zone for PowerPoint feature can be used to set a boundary for placing text on your slide. Also known as a Title safe or Action safe border for Powerpoint slides (a reference to the old content display rules for TVs).

This feature is useful when your company has branding rules or team guidelines on text placement, or if your PowerPoint template has image or color surrounds that you need to keep text away from. Consulting firms typically use the No Fly Zone feature to ensure all slides in a presentation have a consistent content layout.

The feature shows or hides a cross hatch shading which denotes the boundary. Note that the No Fly Zone is a visual guide for editing only (similar to the standard Grid and Guides feature in PowerPoint). The No Fly Zone shading will not appear when presenting or printing PowerPoint slides, when saving slides to your Slide Library or when pasting slides as mini slides into a presentation.

Toggle the No Fly Zone on or off for your PowerPoint presentation using the feature button in the Slides group on the PPT Productivity ribbon. When the No Fly Zone is displayed, selecting the Align features on the Format Toolbar will align a selected single textbox or shape to the No Fly Zone border (e.g. Align to left will align to the left NFZ border, align to top will align to the top NFZ border).

Customize the size of the No Fly Zone to your preferences or required company standards in Settings > No Fly Zone . You can select to apply a NFZ based on your current PowerPoint template, or you can specify dimensions for a custom NFZ. You can also select to apply PowerPoint Drawing Guides along the No Fly Zone border.