Refine Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Refine Slides features include a summary slide generator, a quick formatter to align slide titles, send to appendix shortcut, no fly zone text boundary airplane mode logo/ branding camouflage, format painter, footnote magnifier and more.

Display No Fly Zone

The 'No Fly Zone' sets a boundary for placing text on your slide (for example due to branding limitations or team guidelines on text placement). Display No Fly Zone feature shows or hides the shading which denotes the boundary.

Perfect for those companies with strict requirements on where text can be placed - for example for Marketing requirements or agreed white-space ratios for readability.

Toggle on the No Fly Zone to a presentation to ensure organizational layout standards apply and your content has the desired margins around the outside of the slide.

Productivity Tip

Customize to your personal preferences or your organization's standards in Settings > No Fly Zone


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