Fast and effective search lets you quickly search your Slide Library for PowerPoint to find whatever you're searching for. As you type the library auto filters and shows thumbnails of the search results.

PPT Productivity's Slide Library is similar to Microsoft's decommissioned SharePoint Slide Library feature (Microsoft decommissioned it from SharePoint 2016). The Slide Library holds Library folders of shapes, slides, templates and images. You can quickly search your Slide Library for specific slides, shapes, icons, or other saved objects.

Search across all libraries which have been selected to display in your Slide Library. This can include personal libraries, corporate libraries and PPT Productivity downloadable library files. Case, punctuation and spacing are ignored to provide an enhanced search experience.

Search for textbox will also find library items with text and box. Words can appear in any order in the search filter. Searching for right two with also find Two column transition - right. To find an exact text match, add double quotes to the filter.

August 2023 feature update - there is now an Icon checkbox on the Slide Library toolbar, if you would like your search to return only Icons (the search looks for the word Icon in the object name)