PPT Productivity addin has an option for Dark Mode display - perfect when working at night, to complement the PowerPoint Dark Mode options.

PPT Productivity's Dark Mode display option changes the color settings of all PPT Productivity features in PowerPoint, to be consistent with the Microsoft Office Dark Mode display option that is available in PowerPoint.

Dark Mode will not impact your PowerPoint presentation - it changes the background colors of the PPT Productivity Ribbon, Toolbars and most pop-up menu boxes.

PPT Productivity's Dark Mode option turns on automatically when you update your PowerPoint Office Theme setting to Black or Dark Grey. Turn on PowerPoint Dark Mode by selecting File > Account in PowerPoint, then updating the Office Theme to Black Mode or Dark Grey.

To turn off PowerPoint Dark Mode, simply go to File > Account and update the Office Theme to your default preference - either Colorful, White or the Use System Settings option.