Refine Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. Refine Slides features include a summary slide generator, a quick formatter to align slide titles, send to appendix shortcut, no fly zone text boundary airplane mode logo/ branding camouflage, format painter, footnote magnifier and more.

Format slide title

Quickly format all slide titles in your presentation to make them consistent font size and weight.

Change your slide title(s) to a standard font size and boldness title, with different settings available for the second sentence (ideal if using subtitles with a smaller font).

Applies to the current slide, or multiple slides if more than one is selected.

To set up your preferred title sizes, go to the PPT Productivity tab > Settings > Format Title. Set your desired font size and bold settings for the first and remaining sentence in a slide title.

Productivity Tip

Use Ctrl+click with the Format slide title button to also remove other formatting such as italics, or underline and convert to Sentence case


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