Missing the Accenture QPT for PowerPoint?

Are you an Accenture Alumni, missing the QPT PowerPoint (Quick Presentation Toolbar)? Perhaps you’re now running a team and need to boost the polish of your team's PowerPoint deliverables? PPT Productivity has all the features you've been missing and many more!

PPT Productivity was created by Accenture and BCG Alums, with Consultants in mind.  PPT Productivity is an add-in for PowerPoint that offers time saving benefits through shortcuts and easy reuse. PPT Productivity's most premium toolset has 100+ features and a free 30 day trial (no credit card details required to access the trial. Here's a few examples of the features:

  • Faster formatting: Features to speed up alignment, resizing, recoloring. Customizable shortcut keys so you can truly hack your productivity and create shortcut keys you find easy to remember for your most frequent tasks. Missing the QPT color picker? PPT Productivity has a Color Toolbar that shows your theme colors and the standard palette plus you can save custom colors for easy access.
  • Easier Editing/ Review: Features include Status Stamps, Sticky Notes, a 'Camouflage' mode to conceal slide logos while reviewing in public places, set language for proofing and more.
  • Easy reuse for you and your team: PPT Productivity's Slide Library Toolbar lets you easily save and reuse your favorite slides, shapes, frameworks. You can have multiple Galleries and they can be Personal or Corporate. Running a team? Use the Corporate Gallery feature to create shared galleries that all team members can access and use. The Slide Library is an easy way to increase consistency across the teams presentations and save time through quick reuse.
  • Downloadable shapes and frameworks: Missing the QPT Toolkit Visuals? PPT Productivity has 2000+ maps, flags, frameworks, chevron layouts and more that you can download to your Slide Library for easy access (downloadable shapes included at no extra cost with your license fee and all are accessible during the free trial). The galleries include commonly used consulting frameworks and visuals.
PPT Productivity's time saving Ribbon and Toolbars
Want to create polished presentations faster? With PPT Productivity, boost your team's productivity with faster formatting, easier editing, collaboration tools and more! If you're not yet using PPT Productivity, download our free 30 day trial today. We offer free one-on-one training and flexible licensing to suit individuals, teams or enterprise.

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