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Do you work in a company that uses a lot of different PowerPoint templates or themes? Perhaps your team has a template you all use, but no-one has worked out how to save it so it becomes everyone’s default? Are you forever searching windows explorer trying to work out where PowerPoint templates are stored?

PPT Productivity’s Template Manager features make finding the right PowerPoint Template (and setting your default template) easy. 

Standard PowerPoint refers to “Design Themes”, but even Microsoft has started referring to them as ‘Templates’. Whatever name you use, we’re talking about managing your .potx files!

How to search for templates in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity

If you're not yet a PPT Productivity user, you can download a free 30 day trial to try out this and 100+ other time saving features. From the PPT Productivity ribbon, click the New Template button or press the default template shortcut key (Ctrl+N), to open PPT Productivity's Template Manager popup.  Press Enter to open the default template or navigate through the list to find the specific template you require.  

Selecting a template in the Template Management popup will reveal a preview of the template. 

Access all of your templates with just one click. Pin favorite(s) to the top of your list, see your most recently used, and set or change your default template with the tick of a box. Whatever name you use, we’re talking about managing your .potx files! PPT Productivity shows any templates you have pinned as favorites, your recently used templates and the standard Office C drive location (eg C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft). You can also click the Template Locations button to add more Template Locations to the list.

Set default template in PowerPoint

You can set a default template in PowerPoint, so that your preferred template opens when you open a new presentation. To do this, select the template in the Template Manager popup and check the Set as default template checkbox. Alternatively you can right-click and select the Set as default from the right click menu. You can alternatively Pin a template to your favourites (so that it appears in the first group of templates). You can Unpin templates you no longer use as frequently. The Template Manager also lets you open a selected Template's folder location in Windows Explorer, or you can copy its path to the clipboard. 

If you’re an existing Power Tools customer, you already have access to the PowerPoint Template manager feature. If you cannot see it on the PPT Productivity Ribbon, select ‘check for updates’ on your PPT Productivity ribbon (some organizations have disabled automated updates for their company).  

You can read more about the Template Manager on the Set Default PPT Template page of our website.

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