Manage Colors

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. PPT Productivity's Color Toolbar for PowerPoint makes it easy to access the colors from your PowerPoint presentation template. The toolbar lets you select to change a fill color, an outline color or a text color.

You can add custom colors to the Color Toolbar which means you can create an extended Color Palette - perfect for Marketing and brand teams in large organizations. Once you setup custom colors, you can also export your Color Toolbar setup to share with colleagues.

Apply fill with border color

You can change your settings to update both the fill and border / outline of a shape in PowerPoint, with a single click on the Color toolbar.

By default in PowerPoint, changing a fill color only changes the internal color of a shape - you need to change the outline color separately. PPT Productivity enables you to override this by clicking Settings > Color Toolbar and tick Set Line with Fill.

If you apply this setting, each time you click the Fill icons on the Color toolbar, both fill and border colors of your selected shape(s) will be set to the selected fill color. This is a handy shortcut if your preference is matching shape fill and border colors.

Productivity Tip

Ctrl+click when selecting the fill color will override the standard setting and change border color to match. A great option if you only want matching shape outline and fill color for some of your shapes.


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