Manage Colors

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. PPT Productivity's Color Toolbar for PowerPoint makes it easy to access the colors from your PowerPoint presentation template. The toolbar lets you select to change a fill color, an outline color or a text color.

You can add custom colors to the Color Toolbar which means you can create an extended Color Palette - perfect for Marketing and brand teams in large organizations. Once you setup custom colors, you can also export your Color Toolbar setup to share with colleagues.

Share Color Palette with team

Once you have customized your PowerPoint Color Palette Toolbar, you can export your settings to share with colleagues.

PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint lets you export your settings to share with team members. Your team can easily import the color palette settings, so all team members have access to the same colors for their presentations.

This provides all team members with access to a consistent palette in PowerPoint. You can do this without logging a support request with IT as team members can simply import a file that you export. Alternatively, for large organizations, PPT Productivity's team can also work with your IT team to deploy a standard palette centrally for your organization.

Learn more about PPT Productivity's custom settings and how to share with your team.


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