Review Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features including features to streamline the reviewing process. Add a virtual sticky note to the top right corner of your slides to note review comments and outstanding actions. Status stamps let you quickly denote slide status. Tags let you track the source of slides when compiling from multiple decks and let you do bulk actions on tagged slides like print.

Sticky Notes

Annotate slides in your PowerPoint presentation using sticky notes - perfect for reviewing and providing feedback for team members or leaving notes to yourself regarding required updates.

Sticky notes can display initials and a date, which makes collaborative reviews easy. Also known as stickies, sticky notes are a better way to collaborate with comments for editing.

When reviewing sticky notes to action them, you can quickly navigate between sticky notes via the 'Find Sticky Note' button. Once your review is complete, you can ensure all sticky notes have been deleted before finalizing the presentation with the 'Delete all Sticky Notes' button.

Sticky Notes can be added to your slide using the Sticky Notes feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or the Sticky Notes button on the Format Toolbar. The button on the Format Toolbar will always default to show your most recently used sticky note color but you can select other color sticky notes via the drop down.

Productivity Tip

Customize the sticky note font, background colors, initials and date format in Settings -> Sticky Notes

Shortcut Keys

All PPT Productivity features can be used via the Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature. You can update the shortcut keys to any preferred available combination, but to get you started we have set up the following for sticky notes: Add a sticky note with Ctrl+Alt+M, find the next sticky note when reviewing using Ctrl+Alt+N


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