Annotate slides in your PowerPoint presentation using sticky notes. PowerPoint Stickies are perfect for reviewing and providing feedback for team members, or for adding 'to do' notes to self for required updates.

How to add notes in PowerPoint? It's easy with PPT Productivity's Sticky notes for PowerPoint feature. Sticky notes in PowerPoint display as a shape added to the top right hand corner of your PowerPoint slide.

To get you started, PPT Productivity's Sticky notes feature is configured with 6 sticky note color options. The sticky notes by default display author initials and date added, to make collaborative reviews easy. However you can customize Sticky note font, color and the default information added (eg change your initials or use a role eg Review 1 Notes/ Final Review notes etc).

Also known as stickies, sticky notes are a great way to collaborate with comments for editing in PowerPoint. Intended as a drafting and reviewing tool, Sticky Notes let you add notes to powerpoint that are easy for others reviewing the slides to read.

When reviewing sticky notes to action them, you can quickly navigate between sticky notes using the 'Find Sticky Note' button to navigate to the next sticky note, or 'Find Previous Sticky Note' to return to the previous one. Once your deck is complete, you can ensure all sticky notes have been deleted by clicking the 'Delete all Sticky Notes' button.

Sticky Notes can be added to your slide using the Sticky Notes feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or the Sticky Notes button on the Format Toolbar. The Sticky Note button on the Format Toolbar defaults to show your most recently used sticky note color, but you can select other color sticky notes via the drop down.

Q3 2023 update - you can now also choose to add sticky notes to the left hand corner, and there are now optional callout lines that you can use to annotate specific objects on your slides.