It's easy to save shapes, icons, logos or entire slides to your PowerPoint Slide Library for quick reuse.

Simply select the shape or slide you want to save (to select an entire slide, click on it in the thumbnail preview to the left of screen). From the Slide Library toolbar, click Save shape.

A popup box will appear so that you can enter a name for the shape or slide. You can also nominate the best thumbnail for the shape or slide that will appear in the Slide Library toolbar when searching.

By default, PPT Productivity prepopulates the name with text from your PowerPoint slide in the following order: Any text in the Notes field, any text found in the slide Title, any text found in a shape on the slide (in the order added to the slide). You can select from the radio buttons to choose either the slide title or slide notes to be used for the shape name. Or you can enter a new name for the shape or slide. Names do not need to be unique but it does make it easier for searching the library to find the shape or slide later.

Next, choose whether to save as Shapes or as a Slide. Objects saved as slides will insert a new slide into a presentation when selected later. Objects added as a shape will be added to a slide when you select them from the library.