Format Toolbar Overview

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add in has four feature packed toolbars in addition to the features on the main ribbon. Below is an overview of key information about the usability features of the Format Toolbar.

PPT Productivity's Power Tools product includes all four toolbars. The Basic and Plus tools have a subset of the features on the PPT Productivity Ribbon. For an overview of the features available in each product, please refer to the Detailed Feature Comparison on our Pricing page.

Format Toolbar Layout Options

The Format Toolbar for PowerPoint lets you quickly add and manipulate shapes. It can be docked to the side, top or bottom of your screen.

This Toolbar is packed with features to make your slide formatting fast and easy! The Format Toolbar puts features for common PowerPoint formatting needs just one click away.

Many features are new to PowerPoint. Some are existing PowerPoint features that are hidden in standard PowerPoint menus and otherwise require multiple clicks to access.

Format Toolbar has:

  • Flexible Docking: Dock the toolbar to the left, right, top or bottom of your PowerPoint screen.

  • Feature Groups: 12 feature groups make it easy to find relevant features (e.g. Align, Resize, Nudge, Select by...)

  • Color Coding: Features are color coded to make it easy to find the right feature quickly (eg Align features all have feature buttons with orange, Gaps features are green...). There's an option to turn off color coding if you find it distracting.

  • Customizable Order: There is a default order of the Feature Groups, but you can rearrange groups based on your personal preference. For example, put your most commonly used feature groups at the top.

  • Hide or Show Features: You can further customize the Format Toolbar by hiding features that you do not use or those you use via PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts. You can hide specific features or entire feature groups.

  • Customizable Shortcut Keys: You can create shortcut keys for features in the Format Toolbar. Read more about PPT Productivity's Extra Shortcut Keys.

  • Right Click Help Menus: Right click on any feature for quick access to help, to set shortcut keys, to rearrange feature groups and to expand or collapse groups.

  • Settings: Access settings directly from a settings button (in addition to contextual right-click menu for each feature). Settings options include the ability to override default icon size - you can change toolbar icons to small, medium, large or extra large to suit your screen/ monitor setup.
Productivity Tip

The Format Toolbar for PowerPoint is part of PPT Productivity Power Tools - the most feature rich product option. You can also try all the Format Toolbar features (and all the other features on the website!) by downloading the free 30 day trial.


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