Do you have a well formatted PowerPoint chart and want to quickly update other charts or graphs in your presentation to copy the formatting? The PPT Productivity Chart Format Painter lets you copy paste PowerPoint chart formatting. You can copy and paste chart formatting and graph formatting in PowerPoint, both within the same presentation and across presentations.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Chart Format Painter works the same way as the Change Shape Format Painter - you can quickly change Chart types, fonts and colors. Simply select the chart you want to copy, click the Chart Format Painter, then click the chart to be updated. The Chart Format Painter will update the chart type, as well as the font for the chart title and labels.

Double click the Chart Format Painter to activate the multi painter feature. This lets you click on multiple charts and update them to match the first selected shape. Multi Painter mode on the Chart Format Painter will continue until you press the escape key.

PowerPoint doesn't have a feature to save Chart Templates for easy reuse, but PPT Productivity's Chart Painter for PowerPoint gives you the ability to quickly update Charts to match your preferred selection. Alternatively, if you want to retain your existing charts but update the color scheme, you can repaint PowerPoint charts to change colors using the PPT Productivity Color Toolbar