Easily add callout and speech bubble shapes to PowerPoint slides in a single click, with PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint.

PPT Productivity PowerPoint addin's Format Toolbar includes commonly used callouts. Add callout shapes to PowerPoint slides in a single click. Why are callouts added to a presentation? Call out boxes or speech bubbles are typically used to highlight a point on a slide or make an annotation. Callout boxes are used typically to highlight information.

Speech bubbles can be used to suggest speech or conversation, but can also be used in the same way as callouts. The rounded rectangular and rectangular speech bubble PowerPoint shapes are often used like callouts. There are seven different callout/ speech bubble shapes to choose from:

  • Rounded Rectangular Speech Bubble
  • Rectangular Speech Bubble
  • Oval Speech Bubble
  • Cloud Speech Bubble
  • Straight line Callout
  • Bent line Call out
  • Double Bent line Callout

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint callout feature button will default to show the last callout shape inserted, but the seven different shapes are accessible from the drop down arrow on the button.