Customizable Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint add-in lets you set up customizable shortcut keys (aka hotkeys or PowerPoint keyboard short cuts) for 800+ standard PowerPoint commands AND for PPT Productivity's 100+ commands.

Shortcut keys in PowerPoint are searchable using PPT Productivity's Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup. You can generate and print a PDF list of your shortcuts to help learn and memorize your keyboard shortcuts. The Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup also lets you easily reset or update your shortcut keys.

F4 or Ctrl+Y to redo or repeat

How to repeat or redo in PowerPoint? You can use the F4 or Ctrl+Y PowerPoint keyboard shortcut to redo or repeat the last action you performed on standard and PPT Productivity features.

Most PowerPoint add-ins don't enable you to repeat their own commands via this shortcut. However, PPT Productivity has the redo shortcut (also called the repeat shortcut) ability enabled for all PowerPoint and PPT Productivity features. Use the PowerPoint keyboard shortcut for redo on PPT Productivity features as well as standard PowerPoint features.

To enable / disable this function, open the Configuration settings on the PPT Productivity ribbon. Under Keyboard Shortcuts, check the 'Use F4 or Ctrl+Y to Redo / Repeat PPT Productivity commands' check box. This turns on the redo keyboard shortcut.

Productivity Tip

If you love using shortcut keys, read more about PPT Productivity's Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature which offers the ability to create new keyboard shortcuts and change existing ones!


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