Customizable Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint add-in has a Shortcut keys feature that lets you set customizable shortcut keys (aka hotkeys) for 800+ standard PowerPoint commands AND for PPT Productivity's 100+ commands. Shortcut keys are searchable. You can generate and print a PDF list of your shortcuts. You can easily reset or update your shortcut keys.

F4 or Ctrl+Y to redo or repeat

You can use the F4 or Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts to redo or repeat the last action you performed.

Most PowerPoint add-ins don't enable you to repeat their own commands via this shortcut. However, PPT Productivity has the redo / repeat ability enabled for all PowerPoint and PPT Productivity features.

To enable / disable this function, open the Configuration settings on the PPT Productivity ribbon. Under Keyboard Shortcuts check the 'Use F4 or Ctrl+Y to Redo / Repeat PPT Productivity commands' check box


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