Reseller FAQ

While we sell direct to our customers we understand some organizations go via a reseller or when requested by the customer. We do not have any reseller distribution limitations in any market. Here's our most frequently asked questions from resellers.


I'm a reseller who has purchased previously for one customer, how do I purchase for a different customer?

Once you've registered, purchase licenses for new customers with your existing account so you can manage all customer licenses from a single place.

How do I register?

If you are a reseller and would like to purchase for a customer you can register and purchase licenses on their behalf. Create the account in your name, then add their details on the purchase page where it says "I'm a reseller".

As a reseller how do I purchase for a customer?

You can purchase licenses on behalf of a customer by creating an account and purchasing online. The approach is the same for any customer, whether direct or via a reseller. You will be promoted to nominate whether you are buying on behalf of a customer during the process and to nominate the end user.

Can I manage licensing for multiple customers under the one login?

Yes, the Manage Licenses page on our website will show you all current and past licenses you've purchased for all of your customers.

Our company has purchased licenses for a customer, how can I find our login details?

Please contact us to advise the name of the customer and the circumstances of your role and we will assist.


I need to get a quote to generate a purchase order, how does this work?

Quotes can be created immediately from the purchase page and printed to PDF for your customer. Otherwise send us an email with full details of your request and we'll respond within a day or two with the same details in a quote.

I've got a quote, why did the final amount change when I came back to purchase the following week?

This happens very rarely, but there are usually two reasons it may happen: 

1. Your quote was not in USD. PPT Productivity sets our pricing in USD. You can select from 30 currencies for a quote, but variations in the exchange rate will impact the amount (e.g. if you generate the quote on Monday and return to purchase on Wednesday). 

2. Pro rata license key additions. When adding an extra user to a license, we calculate a 'pro rata' cost based on the remaining days of the existing license. This amount changes every day, reducing the cost of the license daily to reflect the reduced number of days remaining on the license


Do you offer special reseller pricing?

We offer discounts on license purchases of more than 10 users for a customer or for multi-year purchases. Some resellers absorb this discount, that is at the discretion of the reseller. We don't offer additional discounts for resellers unless there is an agreement in place to proactively introduce new customers. 

Pricing details for licenses purchased under your login will only be sent to your registered email address, not to the customer. 

Will the bulk discount apply if I have a customer with several license keys?

It will not automatically apply but you can contact us and we will sort this out.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments  directly via Stripe with 30 currencies for invoicing and payment. If you need to pay via bank transfer please contact us. Payment via bank transfer is available in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR or AUD.

Is there an admin fee for assisted purchases?

We have a comprehensive online self service system for resellers since December 2018. From March 1st 2019 we will be introducing a fee of 5% if you require us to assist in purchasing.

Do you save payment details?

Our website does not save payment information. We use Stripe as a payment processor. Credit card details need to be entered for each transaction.

Licenses - Adding users and renewing

Why can't I see all the licenses that my company has purchased for customers?

If you cannot see all of the licenses your company has purchased please contact us for assistance (this is usually because the purchases have been made under multiple logins).

How do I add seats to an existing license key?

Go to Manage Licenses, enter your login details, then locate the relevant license from the list and select 'Add seats'.

Can my customer have multiple different license keys?

Most resellers find it preferable to add pro-rata priced users to an existing license during the year so at renewal there's just one transaction to manage.

However, if your customer always requires a separate invoice (e.g. for the finance team and another for the strategy team), it's best to purchase a separate license keys.

How will I know when it is time to renew the license key?

You will receive an email when the renewal date is approaching with a link to renew the license. Alternately locate the relevant license on the Manage Licenses page and select 'Extend'. You can extend customer licenses prior to the end date - the additional time (1/2/3 years) will be added to the expiration date.