Our team

PPT Productivity was formed by a team of passionate management consultants from BCG and Accenture who went on to work in corporate strategy. 

We wanted to help teams creating strategy decks, investment pitchbooks, and corporate presentations to save time formatting and focus on telling the story.

Scott photo
Founder and CTO

After 10 years at Accenture and six years at BCG, Scott left consulting and created PPT Productivity for the needs of serious PowerPoint users like himself. 

Scott oversees the development and infrastructure teams and is located in the Australian timezone (UTC/GMT+10:00), and would love to hear your ideas about new feature requests

Lee-Ann photo
Chief Productivity Officer

After many years helping BCG consultants master PowerPoint to create amazing slides, Lee-Ann has developed the skills and expertise to help you and your team get maximum productivity from PowerPoint and our tools. 

Lee-Ann is located in the Central Europe timezone (UTC/GMT+02:00) and provides product demos, support, Corporate Gallery setup and great service to our customers

Courtney photo
Head of Growth

After nine years at Accenture and seven years independent consulting, Courtney understands the challenges associated with writing presentations in PowerPoint.

Courtney manages the enterprise sales and finance teams, and is located in the Australian timezone (UTC/GMT+10:00)

For more information

Email [email protected] 

Our mailing address is:
Sconey Pty Ltd
PO Box 402
Malvern VIC, 3144

Australian Business Number (ABN) 57 147 841 227
Proudly based in Melbourne, Australia.