Review Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 200+ time saving features including features to streamline the reviewing process. Add a virtual Sticky note sticky note to the top right or left corner of your PowerPoint slides to note review comments and outstanding actions.

Status stamps let you quickly denote PowerPoint slide status. Tags let you track the source of slides when compiling from PowerPoint multiple decks and let you do bulk actions on tagged slides like print.

Customizable Status Stamps

Make it easy to indicate the status of slides in PowerPoint presentations using the Status Stamps feature.

Stamps can be applied to slides to indicate PowerPoint slide status - for example 'Draft' or privacy markings such as Confidential. Most stamps are intended for use before a presentation is finalized. All stamps can be easily deleted with one click.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Status Stamps (aka PowerPoint stickers in some consulting firms) are fully customizable, but the feature has been set up to offer eight default stamps: Draft, Work in Progress (WIP), New, Updated, Confidential, On Hold, Out of Date, Remove.

Stamps can be applied to either a single PowerPoint slide, a selection of slides or to the entire PowerPoint presentation. For example, quickly mark every slide in your PowerPoint presentation as Confidential before finalizing by selecting all slides (Ctrl+A) and clicking the Confidential Stamp.

Clicking each Status Stamp button toggles the stamp on and off.

If you need to remove all stamps in your PowerPoint presentation to finalize the deck, simply click the Remove Stamps button (or shortcut key combination).

You can easily share your stamp configurations with colleagues. Your company's IT team can also provide a stamp configuration to all users via a central deployment (for team or company roll-out).

Status stamps can be added to your slide using the Status Stamps feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or the Stamps button on the Format Toolbar. The button on the Format Toolbar will always default to show your most recently used stamp, but you can select other stamps via the drop down.

Status Stamps are easily customized to suit company standards, alternate languages or personal preferences. Ctrl+click the stamp button to configure the words, language, colors, and position on the slide.

Productivity Tip

To add more permanent items such as watermarks, copyright notices, etc. to one or many slides, we recommend using the PPT Productivity Slide Library for PowerPoint to save and apply more complex shapes and formatting.

Sticky Notes

Annotate slides in your PowerPoint presentation using sticky notes. PowerPoint Stickies are perfect for reviewing and providing feedback for team members, or for adding 'to do' notes to self for required updates.

How to add notes in PowerPoint? It's easy with PPT Productivity's Sticky notes for PowerPoint feature. Sticky notes in PowerPoint display as a shape added to the top right hand corner of your PowerPoint slide.

To get you started, PPT Productivity's Sticky notes feature is configured with 6 sticky note color options. The sticky notes by default display author initials and date added, to make collaborative reviews easy. However you can customize Sticky note font, color and the default information added (eg change your initials or use a role eg Review 1 Notes/ Final Review notes etc).

Also known as stickies, sticky notes are a great way to collaborate with comments for editing in PowerPoint. Intended as a drafting and reviewing tool, Sticky Notes let you add notes to powerpoint that are easy for others reviewing the slides to read.

When reviewing sticky notes to action them, you can quickly navigate between sticky notes using the 'Find Sticky Note' button to navigate to the next sticky note, or 'Find Previous Sticky Note' to return to the previous one. Once your deck is complete, you can ensure all sticky notes have been deleted by clicking the 'Delete all Sticky Notes' button.

Sticky Notes can be added to your slide using the Sticky Notes feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or the Sticky Notes button on the Format Toolbar. The Sticky Note button on the Format Toolbar defaults to show your most recently used sticky note color, but you can select other color sticky notes via the drop down.

Q3 2023 update - you can now also choose to add sticky notes to the left hand corner, and there are now optional callout lines that you can use to annotate specific objects on your slides.

Productivity Tip

PPT Productivity's Sticky notes make reviews easier than PowerPoint comments feature. When you use PowerPoint's comments feature, comments appear in a Comments Toolbar to the side of your slides and only the comment indicator appears on the actual slide. PowerPoint Comments print as separate pages when you print a draft to review (only the comment indicator prints on the slide). This means printing PowerPoint comments for review uses a lot more paper and comments end up on the back of slides if you print double sided, which makes them harder to read.

But using PPT Productivity, you can print notes on PowerPoint slides using Sticky notes. PPT Productivity's Sticky notes appear on your PowerPoint slides when you print them (until the notes are deleted).

Shortcut Keys

All PPT Productivity features can be used via the Customizable PowerPoint Shortcuts feature. You can update the shortcut keys to any preferred available combination, but to get you started we have set up the following for sticky notes:

  • PowerPoint Shortcut Key add sticky note: Ctrl+Alt+M
  • PowerPoint Shortcut Key to find next sticky note when reviewing: Ctrl+Alt+N

Tag slides with filename and page number

Tag selected slide(s) for bulk treatment (for example print tagged slides) or to track the source of each slide when harvesting for a new PowerPoint deck.

Tag slide: Do you sometimes create new PowerPoint presentations by harvesting previous presentations for specific slides? Then you try to remember where you sourced specific slides from?

PPT Productivity's Tag PowerPoint Slide feature was created to solve this problem. In consulting, the slide tag feature is a key part of the consulting toolbox, for easy slide reuse.

Turn on the tag (which contains the filename and slide number) to easily track where PowerPoint slides were copied or moved from - within a file, or from other files.

Slides can be tagged in one or multiple selections to allow you to add to the existing tags in a presentation (or even if you reopen the presentation).

Select tagged slides: Select all tagged slides to easily cut, copy or save slides elsewhere while remembering where they were from.

Use to identify which slides you wish to use with Send Selected Slides or just copy and paste to another presentation. To turn off the tags before you send or copy, click the Tag Slide button again to remove tags from selected slides.

Productivity Tip

To add the full folder path to your tags, Ctrl+click the Tag Slide button. This displays the full folder path on the tag, rather than just the filename.


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