Aka Airplane mode and stealth mode, PowerPoint Camouflage mode hides the background of your slide to conceal slide branding and logos on master slide layouts. Perfect when working in public spaces like airplanes, so people nearby cannot see branding or logos of your firm or client on your screen.

PPT Productivity's Camouflage mode for PowerPoint works as a toggle. The feature masks your PowerPoint slide backgrounds with a white overlay and it can be quickly turned on or off by selecting the feature. This feature is useful for working in public situations where you do not want people to see the company logo/color shown on the background.

Consultants call this feature Airplane mode because it's most commonly used for hiding client branding from nearby passengers when commuting to the client site.

Click the camouflage button on the PPT Productivity ribbon to turn on PowerPoint camouflage mode. Click again to turn camouflage mode off before you share the deck with others or once you are back in the office. To undo PowerPoint camouflage mode on another computer that doesn't have PPT Productivity installed, simply edit the Slide Master to show the background graphics and remove the transparent overlay on the Title and Content slides.