Missing the McKinsey PowerPoint Shortcuts?

Are you a McKinsey Alumni who misses the McKinsey PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts? PPT Productivity now has a preconfigured set of Shortcut keys to match the McKinsey Shortcuts.

PPT Productivity has customizable PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for all Power Tools users. The feature by default has 70 pre-assigned shortcuts (which you can change based on your own key preferences in addition to customizing shortcuts to another ~700 PowerPoint functions!). This feature is a variation - some of our McKinsey alumni users asked if we could offer a preconfigured set of shortcut keys that align to the shortcuts they used with the Marvin PowerPoint Tools add-in at McKinsey. 

Some of the 70 pre-assigned shortcut keys available in PPT Productivity...

  • CTRL+ALT+LEFT for alignment to leftmost point of first object
  • CTRL+ALT+RIGHT for alignment to rightmost point of first object
  • CTRL+ALT+UP for alignment to top of first object selected
  • CTRL+ALT+DOWN for alignment to bottom of first object selected
  • SHIFT+ALT+H for evenly distributing selected objects horizontally
  • CTRL+ALT+P to swap position of two selected objects
  • CTRL + SHIFT + 1​ to email selected slides in PowerPoint format
  • CTRL + SHIFT + 2 to email selected slides in pdf format

To use the McKinsey keyboard shortcuts, make sure you're running the latest version of PPT Productivity (Go to the Help menu on the PPT Productivity tab, and ‘Check for new software’). Then go to Settings/ Keyboard Shortcuts. In the 'Load preset shortcut keys' drop down box select ‘McKinsey Shortcut Keys’, and press OK.

That's it! To view a list of the shortcut keys available, use the Shortcut Keys menu on the PPT Productivity ribbon and select 'Generate my Shortcut Keys guide'.

If you’re an alumni from another consulting firm, get in touch if you'd like us to add other preconfigured sets of consultant shortcut keys to our roadmap!  PPT Productivity's Customizable Shortcut keys feature already lets you select your preferred shortcut keys for Standard PowerPoint and PPT Productivity features (the difference here is we've set up a configuration option based on user demand).  Check out an overview of the Customizable PowerPoint shortcut keys feature for more information. 

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