How to create Harvey Balls in PowerPoint? Add standard size 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, empty or full Harvey Balls to PowerPoint presentations with PPT Productivity. Or choose a custom fill Harvey Ball and enter a % value (e.g. enter 33% for a 1/3 filled Harvey Ball). You can easily align, resize and recolor the Harvey Balls.

How to use Harvey Balls? Harvey Balls icons are typically used in PowerPoint presentations to denote status. Harvey balls (also known as pies, moons, moon balls or status balls) can be used for project tracking status, option assessment and more.

Standard Harvey Ball sizes include 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. PPT Productivity also has a Custom Harvey Ball feature which lets you add a Harvey ball of any size (simply specify a number between 0-100). Click the Harvey Ball feature on PPT Productivity's Format Toolbar and your selected Harvey Ball will be inserted onto your PowerPoint slides as shapes.

Unlike some other PowerPoint Harvey Ball solutions, PPT Productivity doesn't use a Harvey Ball font. If you insert Harvey Balls to your PowerPoint presentation using PPT Productivity the Harvey Balls will display correctly for any users viewing the presentation.

Harvey Ball Colors can be easily changed. By default the Harvey Balls will be added to your PowerPoint slide in your template default color, but you can customize to any color (and you can share your custom Harvey Ball color with colleagues using the Share Settings feature).

Once inserted into your presentation, Harvey Balls behave as shapes. Easily change the PowerPoint Harvey Balls color or enlarge the balls. Easily align the Harvey Balls on your PowerPoint slide using PPT Productivity's alignment shortcuts or standard PowerPoint alignment features.

Harvey Balls can be added to your slide using the Harvey Ball buttons on the PPT Productivity Ribbon or the Harvey Ball button on the Format Toolbar (or if you prefer, you can add the Harvey Ball feature to the PowerPoint QAT).

When you click to add a PPT Productivity Harvey Ball to a PowerPoint table, the Harvey Ball will embed in the table and can be aligned and resized along with the table contents. Read more about Harvey Balls for PowerPoint tables