Slide Numbering

Manage your PowerPoint slide number formatting easily with PPT Productivity. PPT Productivity features include dynamic slide totals on each slide and skip slide numbers on hidden slides. Plus easier access to existing PowerPoint features including show or hide numbering on title slides and change the starting slide number in a presentation.

Manage Slide Numbering

PPT Productivity's Manage Slide Numbers and Slide Totals feature allows you to customize the slide number formatting in your PowerPoint presentations.

Include the slide number and total slide count in your preferred format e.g. Slide 1 of 10.

Exclude hidden slides from your slide numbers, so that your presentation shows sequential numbering.

Change the starting number for your presentation. Display or hide numbering on the Title page.

PPT Productivity gives you full flexibility for how you display and format slide numbers in your PowerPoint presentation. Using this feature you can:

  • Show slide totals/ page count: Select from formatting options that display slide numbers alone or slide numbers with totals. You can also customize the wording that appears with the slide numbering.

  • Change the starting slide number: Nominate the starting number of your presentation. Great if you prefer to start your slide numbering on the first content page rather than the title, or when preparing separate presentations that will be collated after printing.
  • Skip hidden slides: Omit hidden slides from numbering and slide totals so your slide numbers and totals appear sequential and correct when presenting to your audience.
  • Title pages: Display or hide slide numbering on the title page(s).
Productivity Tip

Powerpoint slide number not showing? For help troubleshooting slide numbers not showing in PowerPoint, refer to our Troubleshooting Slide numbering blog post.


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