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We created PPT Productivity Toolbars to make our lives easier.  As consultants we wanted time saving shortcuts to make it faster to create and to 'polish' slides.  Ease of reuse was critical. Consultants do a lot of reuse - we dreamed of having a 'turbo charged clipboard' in PowerPoint (skip ahead and read about our Slide Library feature if this is also something you have dreamed about).

Our team came out of management consulting firms (we're Boston Consulting Group / BCG and Accenture alumni) where PowerPoint presentations are often the primary deliverable for a client.  If you're not a consultant it might surprise you to learn consultants spend a lot of their time editing PowerPoint to fine tune and polish the slides.  A LOT of time. Many of the consulting firms have proprietary PowerPoint add-ins - Accenture QPT Tools, Bain Toolbox for PowerPoint, McKinsey's Marvin Tools for PowerPoint are all examples. Other firms build up decks of slides for reuse if they don't have a Slide Library capability ( Deloitte PowerPoint Timesaver is one we've heard a lot about from customers).

PPT Productivity was created out of frustration when our founder was at BCG - spending too much time on repetitive tasks or searching for slides to reuse.  We shared a beta version with colleagues (more than 10 years ago!), got great feedback (plus a ton of requests for new features) and PPT Productivity was born.  PPT Productivity customers include consultants, strategy professionals, bankers, analytics, researchers and other teams around the world. You can purchase a license for a single user or an entire organization.  You can easily add licenses if your team is growing, with pro-rata additions available and volume discounts. Our team is based in Australia and North America and we support all time zones.

PPT Productivity has 100+ time saving features. We think all our features are amazing, but here are my favorites:

  • The Slide Library - save, name and easily search to reuse shapes or entire slides. The Slide Library is our 'turbo charged clipboard' - a toolbar that displays the slides and shapes you save or download. The slides and shapes are saved as Galleries - you can have your own galleries (one or multiple), galleries that are shared across a team and downloadable galleries or standard objects. The downloadable galleries include 2000+ shapes, frameworks, maps, flags and more (free for customers with a Power Tools license and also available when using the free trial).
  • Table formatting - paste Excel data into PowerPoint but retain your preferred PowerPoint table format! Auto-size tables to optimize for column width. Group shapes to convert to table format or deconstruct a table into separate textboxes.
  • Customizable shortcut keys - We've turbocharged the number of shortcut keys available in PowerPoint! Choose your own preferred shortcut keys for PowerPoint or recreate shortcut keys from your previous firm. (McKinsey Alums - we've done the hard work for you).
  • Sticky notes - reviewers can tag slides with feedback or use them to keep track of your own list of 'to-do's. Four note colors to differentiate, plus easily clear all notes before finalizing the presentation in a single click.

Want to create polished presentations faster? With PPT Productivity, boost your team's productivity with faster formatting, easier editing, collaboration tools and more! If you're not yet using PPT Productivity, download our free 30 day trial today. We offer free one-on-one training and flexible licensing to suit individuals, teams or enterprise.

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