PPT Productivity's Color Palette Toolbar makes updating colors in PowerPoint presentations easy.

The Color Toolbar for PowerPoint dynamically updates to include your presentation color palette (the theme colors from the template of your open presentation). You can also make a custom color palette with the Toolbar - add your favorite PowerPoint color schemes, or temporarily add colors you need for a specific slide.

The Color Toolbar saves you time when creating or editing PowerPoint presentations by putting a color palette for slides at your fingertips. Color names and RGB values are displayed when you mouseover a color.

There are four sections or groups on the Color Palette Toolbar:

  • Group 1: Black, white and clear/ no color
  • Group 2: Dynamic - Displays the color scheme from the theme or template of your open PowerPoint presentation
  • Group 3: The ten standard PowerPoint colors
  • Group 4: Displays any colors you choose to add to the toolbar

The Color Palette Toolbar includes shortcut buttons to quickly change the color of text, shape fill and shape outlines or borders. The Color Toolbar can also be used to update tables (the border color updates the borders of all cells).

To apply a color using the toolbar, simply select the font or shape you need to change on your slide and select the relevant color from the toolbar.

You can customize the Color Toolbar for PowerPoint to add colors, to reorder the display of colors, and delete unwanted colors. Color names and RGB values are displayed when you mouseover each color, which makes it easy to distinguish between shades of specific colors.

Updating the color palette on the Toolbar is easy. To add custom colors simply click the + icon and either use the eyedropper, select the color or enter the RGB values. Right click a color on the toolbar to access a delete option. From the Settings gear at the bottom of the Color Toolbar you can access further customizations including to hide the standard PowerPoint colors.

Saving colors to your color toolbar for PowerPoint makes updating presentations fast. Add colors to the toolbar to have them in easy reach - even if you're only using a color for one presentation, you can delete it once you're finished.

Working with a team? Customize the setup of the Color Palette Toolbar and share it (along with other settings) with your colleagues, so your team have the same setup. Read more about sharing PPT Productivity settings across a team.