PPT Productivity's Color Palette Toolbar lets you create a custom color palette in PowerPoint, so that all colors you prefer to use are easy to access.

PowerPoint color schemes for your presentation are often determined by the marketing team. But it's not always easy to find the correct color when working in a presentation. The standard PowerPoint theme color supports only 12 colors - 6 color accents, 4 text color variants and 2 hyperlink variants for your template.

But if you have an extended color palette for your brand, PPT Productivity makes it easy to add these colors to your Color Toolbar. You can share your Color Palette Toolbar setup with your team.

Large teams can also request to customize color names displayed, to match enterprise brand guidelines. By default the Color Palette Toolbar also includes the 10 standard PowerPoint colors (dark red, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, blue, dark blue and purple), but you can choose to show or hide these via the Settings gear at the bottom of the Toolbar.

July 2023 update - the Color Toolbar was updated in July 2023 to also support displaying color tints for your PowerPoint Template colors. You can customize the Color Toolbar to display or hide 3 lighter tints and 2 darker tints for each of your 6 standard PowerPoint Accent colors in the PowerPoint template used for your presentation, and for the 2 background text colors.

The settings button at the bottom of the Color Toolbar gives you access to the configuration options.