Customizable Shortcut Keys are here!

Last week we welcomed a new feature to our Power Tools product in response to customer requests.   “Customizable shortcut keys” is a feature that enables you to set custom shortcut keys for 800+ PowerPoint commands.  For those born before the heady days of the internet, yes we’re talking about hotkeys 😉 The new shortcut keys […]

What is a PowerPoint Add-in?

Thanks for visiting!  We’ve received a few inquiries from customers recently seeking to understand what our tools are so we thought it would be helpful to answer some common questions about “what” our tools are: What is a PowerPoint Add-in? PPT Productivity is a PowerPoint Add-in. An add-in is a way to extend the functionality of […]

Looking for a Consulting PowerPoint Toolbar?

We created PPT Productivity Toolbars to make our lives easier because as consultants, we wanted time saving shortcuts to make it faster to create and ‘polish’ slides.  We also knew that making it easy to reuse slides and frameworks would save a lot of time!!  Our team came out of management consulting firms (BCG and Accenture […]

Did you know PowerPoint 365 has maps?

We’re busily working on some free galleries that we will make available on the website soon (e.g. Common slide layouts, Flags, Maps).  We were pleasantly surprised to recently find ‘maps’ in PowerPoint 365.  Hidden away in the ‘charts’ section of standard PowerPoint is a world map, linked back to Excel for some neat customizing.  It’s […]

August 2018 Release Notes – Remote activations now enabled to overcome company firewall constraints

Has your organization blocked internet access to internal applications? Our latest release now allows remote activations. When you activate PPT Productivity and access to the internet is blocked, simply follow the prompts to perform a remote license activation using any other internet connected computer or phone. Other fixes include ability to change the color, date […]

December 2016 Release Notes – Fixes

Version 2.4.13 released on 15 December 2016 Fixes: – Settings config box fixed to ensure format correct on all screen sizes – Fix for Shapes toolbar erroring when setting width – Sticky note formatting fixed to not inherit paragraph defaults for a text box – Fixed issue for 64 bit gallery not allowing shapes to […]

Are these the ‘Cool Macros’?

PPT Productivity first made its appearance as ‘Cool Macros’ to consultants at Boston Consulting Group back in 2010.  We are occasionally contacted by former BCG consultants who are trying to track down the ‘Cool Macros’ tool.  We’re very happy to say that PPT Productivity Power Tools is indeed the new and improved version of Cool […]

Great article on creating an engaging PowerPoint Presentation

The ‘Psychotactics’ website has been recommended to us by an associate and it’s a very interesting read!  This article in particular grabbed my attention – an excellent overview of the key considerations in the ‘storyline’ side of creating great PowerPoint presentations. Can your Powerpoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?