Refine Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint plugin has 180+ time saving features. Refine Slides features include a summary slide generator, a quick formatter to align slide titles, send to appendix shortcut, no fly zone text boundary airplane mode logo/ branding camouflage, format painter, footnote magnifier and more.

Set Grayscale

The grayscale feature makes it easy to quickly convert your presentation print settings for optimal grayscale or black and white printing.

This feature optimizes the greyscale version of your document for greyscale or black and white printing. Without this feature - when you print in greyscale or B&W, shapes or outlines of shapes which should be invisible or only lightly colored will show as black lines in your printed version. For example lines appear around some shapes which should not show.

In PowerPoint all shapes have a 'black and white mode' to optize grayscale, but in standard PowerPoint there isn't a way to force all shapes across multiple slides to adopt this mode for printing. When you click the PPT Productivity Greyscale feature, the shapes and text on your slides adopt the PowerPoint blackwhitemode, which prints well in greyscale or B&W printer mode.

Note that the feature will not change what you see when editing the slide, but it applies a change in print preview mode, in View > Grayscale mode and when printing the document.

To see how the impact of the Set Greyscale feature, go to View > Grayscale on the PowerPoint main ribbon. Select a slide with light grey borders (or white, or any pale colored borders) on textboxes or callout boxes. Black lines will appear around these items instead of the intended border shade.

However once you select Set Grayscale, the lines revert to the intended color/shade (and will now appear correctly when the document is printed in B&W or grayscale).


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