Check and reduce PowerPoint file size easily with PPT Productivity.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Proofing tools features include the Check & Reduce File Size feature. This feature lets you quickly identify opportunties to reduce your PowerPoint file size. The feature looks at:

  • Unused slide layouts: Identifies any unused slide layouts that could be removed
  • Multiple slide masters: Identifies where there are multiple PowerPoint slide masters that could be removed
  • Large images: Feature shows where large images are in your PowerPoint presentation and the image sizes, so you can choose to compress
  • Audio/ Video: Identifies all audio and video files in the PowerPoint presentation and the sizes of each so you can determine whether to retain, compress or remove
PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Check and reduce file size feature lets you quickly review the options for reducing file size. Note that the feature identifies each opportunity to reduce file size so you can review each instance to determine the best way to fix.