Edit Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. The Edit Shapes features let you quickly edit shapes e.g. to make them the same height and width, to paste shapes and 'hammer' them into the same place on multiple slides. You can also stretch shapes to align end points, or to fill gaps between shapes so that they meet.

Most of the Edit Shapes features can all be found on the Format Toolbar for PPT Productivity Power Tools users (this includes the Free trial). The Format Toolbar can be redocked to the top, bottom or either side of your screen. You can resize the Toolbar and easily toggle to show or hide features or feature groups.

There's also a Color Palette toolbar to make recoloring easy, resizing features, shortcuts for adjusting outline thickness, margins in cells shapes and tables and much more.

PPT Productivity's features let you spend less time formatting so you can focus on the story. Scroll down to read about the features, or navigate using the menu at left.

Toggle line weight and style

Toggle line or border style or thickness easily for lines or shapes on your PowerPoint slide.

Change the weight of the outline of PowerPoint shapes easily or change the style. Three great features to finesse your slides:

  • Border type: Toggle line or PowerPoint border type between six common styles - Solid Line, Long Dash, Short Dash, Dots, Square Dots, or Dash-Dots.
  • Border Heavier: Toggle feature lets you progressively increase the weight of the shapes outline to a thicker border.
  • Border Lighter: Toggle feature lets you progressively decrease the weight of the shapes outline to a finer border.
Productivity Tip

Need to change outline color of your shape? PPT Productivity's Color Palette Toolbar makes it easy to change outline, fill and font colors in PowerPoint - your standard, template and custom colors display on the toolbar for easy access.

Shortcut Keys

All PPT Productivity features can be used via the Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature. You can create a PowerPoint shortcut to easily Toggle line weight and style.


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