How to add Stamps or Stickers to PowerPoint slides?

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Looking for PowerPoint stamps and stickers? Perhaps you’ve come out of one of the top tier consulting firms like McKinsey or BCG where PowerPoint stamps or stickers are the way to denote status of a slide?  PowerPoint has a comments feature, but this doesn't provide an option to easily annotate slide status. However PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint has stamp and sticker features. This blog post is an overview of how to add status stamps or sticky notes to PowerPoint slides.

PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint's sticky notes feature is great for annotating update requests and making comments e.g. about what needs to be updated on a slide.  You can customize the color of sticky notes (e.g. so each reviewer has a different color) and include the date and reviewer initials automatically.

The Sticky Notes for PowerPoint feature was updated in July 2023 to let you customize the location of Sticky Notes (top left or top right). You can now have 6 sticky note colors set up (previously 4), plus you can add callout lines to annotate specific updates on your PowerPoint slides.

PPT Productivity addin PowerPoint Sticky Notes feature overview

PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint's stamps feature lets you add status status stamps to PowerPoint slides. For example:

  • Denote specific slides as Work in Progress with a WIP stamp
  • Add a fast action request by creating a Please Fix (aka a Pls Fix ) PowerPoint status stamp for reviews
  • Mark every slide in your presentation as Confidential before finalizing by selecting all slides (Ctrl+A) and clicking the Confidential Stamp
  • Options are endless because you can customize the stamps!

Stamps are customizable to suit your company standards or personal preferences. Configure the words, language, colors, and even position on the slide of each status stamp for PowerPoint. You can easily share stamp configurations with colleagues via email, or your company’s IT team can provide a stamp configuration via a central deployment for team or company roll-out.

Clicking each status stamp button on the Ribbon toggles the stamp on and off for the slide you are on. If you don't want any stamps showing in the final version of your deck, you can quickly remove all stamps in your PowerPoint presentation once final review is complete with the 'remove all stamps' button. Note that if you want to use the confidential stamps in your final deck, either add them last or just manually delete any other unwanted stamps.

The Status Stamps for PowerPoint feature is available in all PPT Productivity tools - Basic, Plus and Power Tools.

PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint status stamps feature - how to add stamps to PowerPoint slides
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