Add Sticky Notes to PowerPoint Slides - Four Colors

New Features  

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has been updated to improve the appearance of our sticky notes for PowerPoint feature. You can now add up to 4 different colored notes to slides.  Use the different colors to keep track of next steps, e.g. use yellow color for team lead review, pink for self or peer review, green to follow up and verify data or resources. 

By default you will see yellow, green, blue and pink sticky notes on the PPT Productivity Power Tools toolbar. However both the style and color of sticky notes are easily customizable in the notes ‘settings’. Settings to change the sticky notes are accessible via the menu launcher (arrow) at the bottom of the ‘Notes’ suite on the PPT Productivity ribbon.   These settings also let you customize sticky note font, set the user initials to display and change the sticky note shape type/ border.

Sticky Notes

Finding the sticky notes in your presentation is still just as easy and you can still delete all sticky notes in your presentation in one action after final review.

PowerPoint sticky notes feature demonstration

June 2023 update - you can also now find previous sticky note by using the find previous feature button.

If you're already a PPT Productivity user, make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version by going to the help menu and selecting ‘check for new software’.

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