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PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. The 'Insert Shapes' features include Chevrons, Harvey Balls, Miniature slides and single click access to commonly used shapes.

Most of the Insert Shapes features can be found on the Format Toolbar for Power Tools users. Some of these features are available from the PPT Productivity Ribbon for Plus Tools and Basic Tools users. The Format Toolbar can be redocked to the top, bottom or either side of your screen. You can resize the Toolbar and easily toggle to show or hide features or feature groups.

PPT Productivity's features let you spend less time formatting so you can focus on the story.


Add Chevrons or Block Arrows to PowerPoint slides. If you resize or recolor the first inserted block arrow or chevron, subsequent chevrons inserted into your presentation will match your updated shape and color.

PPT Productivity makes it easy to insert chevrons to PowerPoint slides, including the option of a block arrow (pentagon) for the first chevron.

Click the add chevrons feature multiple times to add the required number of chevrons. Resize and recolor the first chevron and subsequent chevrons added to the slide will insert in matching size and color. Or update the formatting once all chevrons are inserted - chevrons are grouped as you add them, to make formatting easy.

Chevrons in standard PowerPoint are tricky to space (because the standard PowerPoint chevron is a reshaped rectangle). For a precise layout, PPT Productivity chevrons can be evenly spaced at specified distances using the PPT Productivity Set Horizontal Gaps feature.

Productivity Tip

If you would prefer pre-formatted chevron slide layouts, or looking for circular arrows in PowerPoint or arrow slide templates, you can download the PowerPoint Arrows and Flows library via the Slide Library. Looking for PowerPoint Process flow templates? There is also a Value Chains and Processes library.

All downloadable libraries are included in PPT Productivity's Power Tools license (including free trials). Read more about the Downloadable Slides and Shapes for PowerPoint.


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