Arrange and Align Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. 'Arrange and Align Shapes' features include shortcuts to select all shapes matching a selected shape color or size, or by 12 other attributes. Also features to quickly align shapes, including aligning to first selected.

The Arrange and Align Shapes features can all be found on the Format Toolbar for PPT Productivity Power Tools users (including all Free trial users). The Format Toolbar for PowerPoint can be redocked to the top, bottom or either side of your screen. You can resize the Toolbar and easily toggle to show or hide features or feature groups.

PPT Productivity's features let you spend less time formatting, so you can focus on the story.

Group Objects by Column

Want to quickly format a slide by grouping objects into vertical alignment? PPT Productivity's Group by Columns feature can help.

Group by Column is a feature that lets you group all objects on a slide based on the columns they are broadly aligned to. This makes formatting and rearrangement of the slide easier. Standard PowerPoint provides the option to select objects and then group them. However the Group by column feature lets you click the feature on a slide and all objects will be grouped according to their existing close alignment to columns.

You do not need to select each individual object.

Productivity Tip

Group by Row and Group by Column are features that were requested by our McKinsey alumni users. If you're a McKinsey alumni, read more about the many other features we think you'll love


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