Standard PowerPoint does not have an option to display dynamic slide count / the total number of slides on each slide. Using PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint you can display the slide count on each slide and customize the wording.

PPT Productivity has a feature to easily add Powerpoint slide number total to each slide. This lets you manage your PowerPoint slide number format. Also called a slide count or page count, it displays the total number of slides in your presentation beside the slide number. The slide count/ total dynamically updates when changes are made to add, rearrange or delete slides.

For example, if you insert a slide into a 10 slide deck, each slide number will automatically update to Slide X of 11.

PT Productivity has a dropdown list of suggested slide number formats which can also be customized (by editing or entering new text before, between or after the existing text and slide number placeholders). The list of options includes:

  • # of ##
  • #/##
  • # (of ##)
  • slide #
  • slide # of (##)
  • slide #/##
  • ...or your set your own personal/corporate format

Wording that appears with the slide numbering can be customized. For example, change the word 'Slide' in Slide # of ## to your preferred language or terminology. Perhaps you prefer Page rather than Slide?

Displaying PowerPoint totals on each slide makes it easier to run your meetings and keep on schedule. Standard PowerPoint does not let users customize or configure the display of slide numbers with dynamic updating.