Paragraph Styles

Paragraph Styles is the collective term for PowerPoint Bullet Points, numbered lists and other formatting for text in PowerPoint. PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in's Paragraph Styles features let you quickly save and reuse bullets in PowerPoint (and other text formats). Save up to 9 styles, making each style single click to access.

Are you creating custom bullet points in PowerPoint and need it to be easier to reuse them? This is the feature for you!

In addition to saving up to 9 bullet point styles, PPT Productivity also lets you override PowerPoint's indent increase/ decrease keys, so you can use them to quickly apply your paragraph styles.

Save Paragraph Styles

Do you wish PowerPoint's paragraph formatting features would work like Microsoft Word - to save a style so you can reapply it? Trying to work out how to create a multilevel list in PowerPoint? Would you like to apply formatting styles using PowerPoint's Indent function with its Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrow shortcuts?

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in's Paragraph Styles features make bullet points and text formatting easy in PowerPoint. You can save up to 9 paragraph, text or bullet point styles. Using PPT Productivity it's easy to apply multi-level bullets formatting in PowerPoint!

Saving paragraph styles is easy. Simply format your preferred PowerPoint bullet points or styles on a slide - including any preferences for different colors, types of font, font size, bullet point types or other formatting. Create a separate line for each preferred style. Note that you can create up to 9 styles.

Once you're happy with your paragraph styles, click the PPT Productivity Remember Paragraph Styles button.

After you have saved your paragraph styles, you will see numbered buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon. These are your shortcut buttons to apply your saved paragraph styles. You can also use the Customizable PowerPoint Shortcuts feature to add a PowerPoint shortcut for each paragraph style.

Applying the paragraph styles to your text will update the font, size, margins, bullets, color, indent etc., to apply the attributes you have saved for the style.

The paragraph or bullet point styles can automatically be rearranged to the styles pre-set in your Slide Master.

Productivity Tip

Use the nine levels to save multilevel list styles /multiple style sets in PowerPoint. Do this by saving:

  • Levels 1 to 3 for one set of styles
  • Levels 4-6 for the second set, and
  • Levels 7-9 for the third set
Watch the video above to see a demonstration.

Apply Paragraph Styles

Once you've saved your Paragraph Styles/ Bullet point styles, you can now single click to assign or apply your saved styles to any selected paragraph or bullet lists in PowerPoint.

Click the paragraph number saved in the Bullets group to apply all attributes of the style you saved to the text selected in your PowerPoint presentation. This includes, font, size, margins, bullet points, color, indent and more.

Productivity Tip

Paragraph styles were requested by some of our Bain alum customers. Read more about PPT Productivity features for Bain consulting alumni

Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's customizable shortcut keys feature can also be used to set up shortcut keys to apply bullet point formatting/ paragraph styles.

The following shortcut keys have been set up to apply the first 3 saved paragraph styles. You can easily change these and/or add more PowerPoint shortcuts for all 9 saved styles:

  • Apply level 1 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1
  • Apply level 2 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2
  • Apply level 3 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3

In addition to these shortcuts, you can also override the standard PowerPoint increase/ decrease indent feature, to make these buttons shortcut keys for applying your saved paragraph styles.

Use PowerPoint Indent Increase/ Decrease to apply bullet styles

Apply your saved Paragraph Styles/ Bullet point styles, easily using PPT Productivity's Override Indents feature. Click the Override Indents button on PPT Productivity's Bullets group to override PowerPoint's standard Indent Increase and Indent Decrease features.

Now each time you click Increase Indent or Decrease Indent for a list level in any shape, it will apply the list levels style attributes you saved, rather than just increasing or decreasing paragraph indent spacing.

Productivity Tip

Did you know that there's a shortcut to move bullet points up and down in PowerPoint?

Place your cursor at the start of the bullet point you want to move, then use the ALT + SHIFT + Up / Down Arrow Key to move the bullet point higher or lower in your text.

Shortcut Keys

With Indent Override turned on, use PowerPoint's standard shortcut keys to apply your list level style attributes:

  • Shift+Alt+Right arrow: Increase Indent
  • Shift+Alt+Left arrow: Decrease Indent

Reset Paragraph Styles

Once you set up your Paragraph Styles in PowerPoint using the Save Styles feature, the saved bullets or paragraph styles will remain available when you restart PowerPoint. But, if you would like to remove or change your saved styles, you can easily reset them.

To reset and remove saved PowerPoint bullets styles, simply hold down the Ctrl button and click the Remember styles button in the Paragraph Styles group. Once you have done this, you can save new styles.

Productivity Tip

Trying to have a common set of paragraph styles for your team? You can Share Paragraph Styles and other PPT Productivity settings easily.

Ticks and Crosses bullets

PPT Productivity lets you quickly add green tick (aka check mark) or red cross format bullet points to text, selected shapes or to multiple cells within a table.

Perfect for adding emphasis to the points in your slide, this feature provides fast access to ticks (check marks) and crosses.

Standard PowerPoint includes ticks as a bullet option; but you need to change the color each time you apply the tick bullet. This is because by default standard PowerPoint applies your templates' standard bullet point color. You can also change the tick and cross feature buttons to your preferred custom colors, sizing and symbol for each.

To change the tick and check mark colors, go to Settings on the PPT Productivity Toolbar > Tick/Cross then select your preferred colors for each from the drop down. Click OK to save.

Productivity Tip

The ticks/ check marks and crosses are applied as a bullet point. If you simply need a green tick/ check mark or red cross icon on your slide, you can use a text box, insert a space, and apply the tick or cross.


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