Paint shapes to copy and apply angles or curves of another shape in PowerPoint, with the PPT Productivity angles and curves painter for PowerPoint.

Perfect if you use chevrons or rounded edge rectangles in your PowerPoint presentations and want consistent angles and edges. The feature can be used to copy and paste any shape which has adjustments, to align angles (adjustments is PowerPoint's term for the yellow circle used to change corners and tips of shapes). This includes:

  • Chevrons
  • Arrows
  • Pentagons
  • Rounded edge rectangles
  • Rectangles with corners snipped
Simply select the shape to be copied, then click the PPT Productivity PowerPoint Angles & Curves Painter then select the shape to paint. Alternatively, select the shape to be copied and the shapes to be painted (ensuring the first shape you click on is the shape to be copied) then click the feature. You can align process chains easily with this feature.

Double click the Angles & Curves Painter to activate the multi painter feature. This lets you click on multiple shapes in PowerPoint, changing them to match the first selected shape. Multi Painter mode on the Angles & Curves Painter will continue until you press the escape key.