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"Massive time saver!"

Moving from BCG, one thing I didn't realise was all those time-saving macros they provided and how much I would miss them. With PPT Productivity, I got those macros back plus more. Massive time saver!

Jack Hoi


"Worth every penny"

PPT Productivity gives you all the functionality and speed that you remember fondly from your consulting days - macros, shapes, sidebars. It's a life saver when you have to whip up the quick PowerPoint presentation and wonder where all your shortcuts went. Worth every penny.

Alex Ulanov

BCG alum (15 years incl. 6 as partner)

"It's a 1-click job"

Clean decks are important in client service industries but labor-intensive to create. PPT Productivity macros automate some of the most laborious tasks, like font coloring, shape creation, and margin adjustment. Normally creating "zero margins" takes 8+ clicks -- but with PPT Productivity it's a 1-click job

Allen Xu

Director of Strategy and Growth

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