Spend less time formatting, and more time on your messaging

One click access to all features

Customers love that their most used PowerPoint features are now just one click away.

No more time wasted navigating multiple menu tabs.

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Customizable keyboard shortcuts for over 800 commands

Create or override keyboard shortcuts to most PowerPoint commands, and PPT Productivity's ribbon and toolbar commands.

70 new, intuitive shortcuts ready installed, and quickly generate a printable list of your own shortcuts.

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Create consistent presentation styles across your team

Your Slide Library 

Save a Gallery of your favorite slides, shapes, tables and images - your own permanent clipboard. Find anything you've saved, fast. 

We haven't forgotten large teams, they love the Corporate Gallery. Update and share a your standardized Galleries across your team or the organization to create consistent presentations.

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Color your world

Template color palettes are auto-captured and shown on the toolbar to ensure you have the right colors. We automatically update the toolbar for every file on open. Save your frequently used custom colors as well.

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You're in good company

"Massive time saver!"

Moving from BCG, one thing I didn't realise was all those time-saving macros they provided and how much I would miss them. With PPT Productivity, I got those macros back plus more. Massive time saver!

Jack Hoi

Co-founder, Onploy, in partnership with Seek

"Worth every penny"

PPT Productivity gives you all the functionality and speed that you remember fondly from your consulting days - macros, shapes, sidebars. It's a life saver when you have to whip up the quick PowerPoint presentation and wonder where all your shortcuts went. Worth every penny.

Alex Ulanov

BCG alum (15 years incl. 6 as partner)

"It's a 1-click job"

Clean decks are important in client service industries but labor-intensive to create. PPT Productivity macros automate some of the most laborious tasks, like font coloring, shape creation, and margin adjustment. Normally creating "zero margins" takes 8+ clicks -- but with PPT Productivity it's a 1-click job

Allen Xu

Director of Strategy and Growth

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