PPT Productivity Training & Resources

This demo runs for approximately 40 minutes and steps you through the PPT Productivity Ribbon and Toolbars, showing key features on each. If you're searching for your company's specific training page, please contact our team for assistance.

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in Feature Demonstration

More Training Resources

There are a number of resources available to help you get familiar with the many features:

  • Getting started guide: Downloaded PPT Productivity already? The Getting Started guide has a 10 minute video showing you key steps when you first open PPT Productivity.
  • Website feature pages: our website includes feature overviews for each feature, along with a brief video.
  • Ribbon Help: from the PPT Productivity ribbon you can access the following:
  • Feature Overview: a five slide PowerPoint document which shows the PPT Productivity ribbon and toolbars and identifies each feature
  • Detailed Help Guide: Similar level of detail to the feature pages on the website, this document provides a summary of each feature does and how to use it.
  • Release notes: The product team publish release notes with each update so you can see what's new
  • Personalized Training: Our friendly support team run personalized training sessions. You're welcome to book a demo at any time if you'd like the chance to ask questions or spend more time looking at specific features.

If you haven't already, head to our homepage to download a free trial. The free trial gives you access all the features, for 30 days. No credit card details required - it's a genuine free trial.

And if you need any help along the way please contact us. We respond promptly to emails and can arrange a support call if you need further assistance.