Productivity Tools are now called 'Plus'

We received some feedback about our product names causing confusion. To address this, we have renamed our mid tier toolset.  "Productivity Tools" have been renamed to "Plus".  The feature set remains the same and we still have three products: - Power Tools is our premium product with 100+ features (and our free trial version [...]

PowerPoint Toolbars - using the Quick Access Toolbar?

If you're using the Quick access toolbar (QAT) you might be wondering "Can PPT Productivity Tools boost my productivity?" The short answer: Yes! If you're not familiar with QAT - it's a way to "pin" frequently used features to the top of PowerPoint.  It's a good way to access frequently used existing PowerPoint features in less [...]

Customizable Shortcut Keys are here!

Last week we welcomed a new feature to our Power Tools product in response to customer requests.   "Customizable shortcut keys" is a feature that enables you to set custom shortcut keys for 800+ PowerPoint commands.  For those born before the heady days of the internet, yes we're talking about hotkeys ;) The new shortcut [...]

What is a PowerPoint Add-in?

Thanks for visiting!  We've received a few inquiries from customers seeking to better understand what add-ins are and how our tools work.  We thought it would be helpful to answer some common questions about "what" PPT Productivity's tools are: What is a PowerPoint Add-in? PPT Productivity is a PowerPoint Add-in. An add-in [...]

Looking for a Consulting PowerPoint Toolbar?

We created PPT Productivity Toolbars to make our lives easier because as consultants, we wanted time saving shortcuts to make it faster to create and 'polish' slides.  We also knew that making it easy to reuse slides and frameworks would save a lot of time!!  Our team came out of management consulting firms (BCG and Accenture [...]

Did you know PowerPoint 365 has maps?

We're busily working on some free galleries that we will make available on the website soon (e.g. Common slide layouts, Flags, Maps).  We were pleasantly surprised to recently find 'maps' in PowerPoint 365.  Hidden away in the 'charts' section of standard PowerPoint is a world map, linked back to Excel for some neat [...]

Updated website to manage all your license needs

This release includes our updated website with new and improved functionality. Whether you're a reseller, buying on behalf of your team, or individual license, you can now login and manage all your license keys from a single place, and extend, add users and view your tax invoices. All the online help is easily available [...]

Release Notes - Fixes

Version 2.4.13 released on 15 December 2016 Fixes: - Settings config box fixed to ensure format correct on all screen sizes - Fix for Shapes toolbar erroring when setting width - Sticky note formatting fixed to not inherit paragraph defaults for a text box - Fixed issue for 64 bit gallery not allowing shapes to be saved [...]

New features and adjustable sidebars

Version 2.2.37 released on 26 July 2015 New:  - Adjustable width of Shape Tools Taskpane - Can be set in the Settings  - Change drop down for vertical Text alignment to one click rather than drop down with two clicks  - Removed corporate gallery samples from installer and moved them to live update from Taskpane  - [...]

Send to appendix, configurable Bullets, Bullets inside tables

Version 2.3.1  on 5 September 2015 New:  - Send to Appendix function - now available on Shapes toolbar  - New configuration for bullets -  option for text font/color/bold/size to change (default = yes)  - Set Bullets - same styles attributed can be set within a table  - Allow users/administrators to turn off auto [...]