Can I lock a shape in PowerPoint?

Coming Soon! Can I lock a shape in PowerPoint? Currently, standard PowerPoint does not give you the ability to lock shapes or objects on your slides.  This is one of the most popular PowerPoint requests on User Voice (Microsoft's feedback service for Office tools). We’re happy to tell you we are about to ... discover more

Can I unlock a locked shape in PowerPoint?

Coming Soon! Can I unlock shapes that have been locked in PowerPoint? With the upcoming update of Power Tools, shapes that have been locked in your PowerPoint presentation can now be unlocked If you'd like to get this function early and be a beta tester please contact us Not a PPT Productivity user? Head to our ... discover more

How can I reduce the file size of PowerPoint Presentations?

How can I reduce the file size of my PowerPoint Presentations? You’ve spent hours creating an awesome presentation, including lots of well thought-out images and graphics.  Problem is that when you try and share your file via email you realize it’s too large to be sent. If that’s a situation you have found ... discover more

Enhanced Color Toolbar - Reveal RGB values of colors in PowerPoint

We’ve enhanced the Color Toolbar in our latest update of Power Tools!  Hover over any color on the toolbar and the color’s name and RGB attributes will display in a mouseover tip.Helpful when working with subtle color variations - Should I use Scarlet (RGB 255,36,0) or Candy Apple Red (RGB 255,8,0)?  The change was ... discover more

Need a Beautifying/ Proofing tool for PowerPoint?

We are excited to let you know we are currently working on Beautifying/ Proofing tools, which will be added to our Power Tools function set.   A number of customers have been particularly missing this functionality.    Our beautifying/ proofing features will include checking ... discover more

Missing the McKinsey PowerPoint Shortcuts?

Is your ‘muscle memory’ missing the McKinsey Marvin PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts? PPT Productivity has customizable PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts for all Power Tools users. The feature by default has 70 pre-assigned shortcuts (which you can change based on your own key preferences in addition to customizing shortcuts ... discover more

Want to redo or repeat your last action using keyboard shortcuts?

Now you can use the F4 or Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts to redo or repeat the last action you performed. Standard PowerPoint has redo and repeat features and with our latest update we have introduced the redo / repeat ability for all of our PPT Productivity features. To enable this functionality, open the Configuration ... discover more

Need to add Stamps or Stickers to your slides?

Perhaps you’ve come out of one of the top tier consulting firms like McKinsey or BCG where stamps or stickers are the way to denote status of a slide.  Our sticky notes feature (until now) has been the way we denote slide status.  But in response to customer requests, we’re happy to announce that our latest update ... discover more

New PowerPoint Template Management Feature

Do you work in a company that uses a lot of different PowerPoint templates or themes? Or perhaps your team has a template you all use, but no-one has worked out how to save it so it becomes everyone’s default? Standard PowerPoint refers to “Design Themes”, but even Microsoft has started referring to them as ... discover more

Large selection of Icons now available in PowerPoint 365

Microsoft have made some useful additions to PowerPoint functions with the release of Office 365.   If you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you now have access to a library of thousands of royalty-free images you can use within PowerPoint (and other Microsoft programs).   To find icons - simply go to the ... discover more