PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Agenda Wizard lets you easily update your PowerPoint agenda from any agenda slide, or from the Agenda feature.

When you press the update button, any updates are dynamically applied to the relevant agenda slides (the table of contents or first agenda slide and any divider / section title/ flysheet slides you have chosen to include). PowerPoint Agenda slides can be quickly updated using the PPT Productivity Agenda Wizard feature.

Rearrange PowerPoint agenda items easily using the arrow buttons to move agenda rows up or down, or indent to create agenda sub topics. Alternatively you can also update the agenda by editing one of the agenda slides, or by moving slides in your deck (and the corresponding section slides).

When moving agenda items in your PowerPoint presentation, the corresponding sections for the agenda items moved will be re-ordered accordingly in the presentation once you press the update button on the Agenda Wizard feature. The relevant divider slides and content for the section will be moved forward or backward in the pack as per the updated agenda.

Slide numbering will also be automatically updated on the slides and in the agenda. PPT Productivity makes it easy to create and update a presentation agenda slide.