Easily add Hand Drawn Circle shapes to your PowerPoint slide. PPT Productivity's circle shape mimics a hand drawn annotation on a slide e.g. to add focus or circle text to suggest a concern or necessary correction. The circle can be added in red, orange, yellow, or green or update to custom colors.

This feature makes it easy to add a hand drawn circle shape to your slide. The shape is an open circle or oval - appearance is a freehand loop so that it looks like you have circled text in PowerPoint (or an image or shape - the hand drawn circle shape can be used on anything!).

The Hand Drawn Circle feature button by default shows the last color circle used, but on click you will see a drop down option with all colors.

Once added to the slide it behaves like a normal shape - you can distend, recolor, enlarge or shrink the hand drawn circles. To recolor your Hand Drawn Circls, go to Settings > Colors on the PPT Productivity Ribbon. You can select your preferred colors for the hand drawn circle options.