PowerPoint assigns default shortcut keys to only ~200 of its 800+ commands. Standard PowerPoint shortcuts are not readily customizable unless you're using an add-in like PPT Productivity. PPT Productivity enables you to override shortcut keys to any PowerPoint command!

In addition to over-riding powerpoint shortcut keys, PPT Productivity also lets you create new shortcut keys and reassign existing standard PowerPoint shortcuts. Your updated shortcut keys are saved (and you can print a cheat sheet of your shortcut keys to help learn them).

If you change your mind about your customizations, there is a reset feature which restores the standard PowerPoint shortcuts (and also restores any preset additional PPT Productivity shortcuts):

  • Click the Shortcut keys menu on the PPT Productivity Ribbon in PowerPoint, then Manage Custom Shortcut keys
  • Click Reset Shortcuts
  • Click Yes to confirm the reset back to installed defaults