Customizable Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint add-in lets you set up customizable shortcut keys (aka hotkeys or PowerPoint keyboard short cuts) for 800+ standard PowerPoint commands AND for PPT Productivity's 100+ commands.

Shortcut keys in PowerPoint are searchable using PPT Productivity's Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup. You can generate and print a PDF list of your shortcuts to help learn and memorize your keyboard shortcuts. The Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup also lets you easily reset or update your shortcut keys.

Reset shortcut keys

PowerPoint assigns default shortcut keys to only ~200 of its 800+ commands. Standard PowerPoint shortcuts are not readily customizable unless you're using an add-in like PPT Productivity. PPT Productivity enables you to override shortcut keys to any PowerPoint command!

In addition to over-riding shortcut keys, PPT Productivity also lets you create new shortcut keys and reassign existing standard PowerPoint shortcut keys. Your updated shortcut keys are saved (and you can print a cheat sheet of your shortcut keys to help learn them).

If you change your mind about your customizations, there's also a reset feature to restore standard shortcuts. To reset shortcut keys back to the default PPT Productivity shortcuts:

  • Click the Shortcut keys menu then Manage Custom Shortcut keys
  • Click Reset Shortcuts
  • Click Yes to confirm the reset back to installed defaults
Productivity Tip

You can Add new Shortcut Keys as well as reassigning existing shortcuts. PPT Productivity comes with 70 suggested additional shortcut keys that we have created for you to help you get started (you can of course reassign these to your preferences!).

For example, the PPT Productivity extra shortcut to swap position of two shapes or objects is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S


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