Box Tables now available in PPT Productivity

Many of our McKinsey alum customers are accustomed to using Box Tables aka Marvin Tables (Tables made up of a series of text boxes) rather than traditional/ standard PowerPoint Tables. They asked if we could include shortcuts for creating box tables. From the feedback we’ve been getting, many other PowerPoint ‘Power Users’ love using these types of Tables.

In response to many requests, last year we released the Deconstruct Tables into Text Boxes as well as the Create Table from Text Boxes features to increase productivity when working with these types of slide layouts.

We’ve now gone one step further with the release of our new ‘Box Table’ Shapes Gallery, available in the Slide Library. The Box Table Gallery contains a number of common Table layouts, created using text boxes rather than the PowerPoint table format.

Using the Box Table gallery is easy! Find the layout you need by either scrolling through the more than 60 Box Table designs, by using Slide Library search or via Keyboard Shortcuts. Simply click the image of the design required. The selected Box Table will be pasted onto your slide instantly. Your template colors will be applied automatically when the table is pasted into your presentation (make sure ‘apply source formatting’ at the bottom of the Shape Library panel is not checked). 

The new Box Table gallery is available in both 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 slide size layouts. It's available for all PPT Productivity Power Tools users including those using the free 30 day trial.

To download the Box Tables gallery, simply click the ‘Select Galleries’ button at the top of the ‘Slide Library’ Panel. This will launch the ‘Filter Galleries’ dialogue box. Click the ‘Download New Galleries’ button. There you will see the list of available PPT Productivity shape galleries to download. Check the box next to ‘Box Tables – Widescreen’ (for 16:9 slide size) or ‘Box Tables’ (for 4:3 slide size) and hit ok. The new Box Table gallery will download in seconds and be available in your Slide Library for immediate use.

Tip - if you only ever work with one slide width, simply deselect the other format using the Select Galleries... button. This will remove the non preferred sizes from display in your Slide Library (they will be hidden rather than deleted so you can add them back if ever needed).

Don’t forget – you can save your own preferred box table layouts or any other slide or shape for easy access via the Slide Library. Learn more about downloading slides and shapes to your Slide Library

Let us know what’s on your PowerPoint ‘wish list’ !   If you’re enjoying the time saving Box table gallery and our 100+ other features – please let your colleagues and friends know about PPT Productivity!

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