PPT Productivity Format Toolbar update

Format Toolbar: 19 new buttons + full configurability

PPT Productivity's Format Toolbar has had a complete overhaul! You now have more control over the layout of the Format Toolbar and where it is located on your screen. We’ve added new features and improved your favorites to help you become even more productive in PowerPoint!

What's new on the Format Toolbar?

Let’s take a tour of the new Format Toolbar starting with the new features that have been included:

  • Chevron and Block Arrows: Inserts Block Arrows and Chevrons on your slide in your default color. The chevrons auto align in sequence with the last one selected. If you update the color of a block arrows or chevron added to your screen, subsequent chevrons will automatically recolor to match. You can also use preformatted Chevron slide layouts from the Slide Library Chevrons gallery. If you add extra Chevrons to a Slide Library Chevrons layout, the newly added Chevrons will be inserted on your slide with formatting to match the existing chevrons.
  • Right Triangle: Insert a large right facing triangle in the center of your slide - great for representing transitions, comparing points between two text boxes or making recommendations.
  • Send backwards, bring forwards: sends your shape just one layer backwards or forwards, rather than sending to the first or last position on the slide (this is a standard PowerPoint feature included on the toolbar for easy access).
  • Set horizontal and vertical gaps: specify a distance between shapes so that groups of shapes are equal distance from the next and you can keep the distance consistent across slides. Separate features for setting horizontal gaps or vertical gaps The feature provides an option so you can either move the shapes to accommodate the spacing, or resize the shapes to create the gaps but with existing bounds.
  • Hand drawn circles: available in Red, Green, Yellow and Orange from a dropdown menu (but can also be recolored - they behave as shapes once pasted to your slide!). The hand drawn circles are great for drawing attention to an item on the slide, e.g. for emphasis or correction.
  • Additional shapes: A greater selection of standard shapes have been added to the Format Toolbar - giving you one click access to the most popular PowerPoint shapes. Newly added shapes include round edge square, callouts, down arrow, elbow connectors, elbow connectors with arrow and the right brace.

Updates have been made to some of your favorite features:

  • Harvey Balls: You can now Insert Harvey Balls from the Format Toolbar, in addition to the PPT Productivity top ribbon. Easily recolor Harvey Balls with the Color Toolbar. If you update the percentage represented by the Harvey Ball (eg update a Harvey Ball from 1/4 to 1/2 on your slide), the Harvey Ball will retain the most recently selected color.
  • Sticky Note: You can now insert Sticky Notes from the Format Toolbar, in addition to the PPT Productivity top ribbon. The last Sticky Note color used will be remembered for easy one-click reuse, or use the drop down to access other Sticky Note colors.
  • Stamps: Now you can add Stamps to slides from the Format Toolbar, as well as from the PPT Productivity ribbon. The last Stamp used will be remembered for easy one-click reuse, or use the drop down to access other Stamps.
  • Callouts: Add Callouts directly from the Format Toolbar. Callouts are a standard PowerPoint feature but included here for easy access. The last Callout style used will be remembered for speedy reuse, or use the dropdown selection to choose an alternate callout style.

Format PowerPoint Shapes with the PPT Productivity Format Toolbar

The Format Toolbar is now configurable - choose where to dock the toolbar, display of groupings and color coding of groups

Key features of the the new flexible layout of the Format Toolbar:

  • Colorize your groups to easily identify groups of common functions. Toggle colorization on/off if you prefer the 'classic' look or find colors distracting.
  • Re-order the group positions on the toolbar to better suit your preferences (eg move your most used feature groups higher and less frequently used groups lower).
  • Dock the toolbar on the right, left, top or bottom of your screen.
  • Right click on any feature on the toolbar to access to Help information for each feature and to view Keyboard Shortcuts assigned to features.
  • Access the settings directly from the Toolbar (in addition to the contextual right-click menu for each feature)
  • Override the default feature button icon size. You can select small, medium, large or extra large icons to suit your monitor setup. The default size is auto.

Configure the Format Toolbar to suit your personal preference

Many of these added features were requested by customers. We hope they help to make you even more productive in PowerPoint. If you have any feedback on the new features or any feature requests you would like us to add to the roadmap, please contact us.

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