Review your presentation for shape and text outside the slide boundaries and outside the No Fly Zone

PPT Productivity's Proofing tools features include the Slide Layout Check. The Check Layout feature reviews your PowerPoint presentation and flags for your review any slides with text or objects outside the slide boundaries. There's also an option to flag for review any slides with text or objects outside your specified No Fly Zone.

PowerPoint lets you add text or shapes to slides and move them outside the slide boundaries. This is helpful while you're editing your slides, but can cause issues when finalizing your presentation. Objects in PowerPoint outside the slide boundaries remain in the presentation file even though they are not visible when printing or presenting. When you opt to review against your No Fly Zone, the Check Layout feature flags any items outside the perimeter you have specified.

The feature will return a list of objects to review - you can choose for each object to delete, or to relocate them to within the slide boundaries.