Format Text

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. Format Text features let you quickly:

  • Add ticks (check marks) or cross bullet points to text
  • Toggle between 5 different text cases
  • Toggle word wrapping on or off
  • Convert text to superscript
  • Color bold text
  • And more!

Scroll down or use the side navigation to learn more about these time saving shortcuts for PowerPoint.

Split Shapes


Seperate a textbox into multiple text boxes to split the text up, based on spaces.

PPT Productivity's Split Join feature lets you seperate text into multiple textboxes, or combine text from two or more text boxes in PowerPoint. Enter text into a single textbox, then select the textbox and click Split Join. The text will be seperated out into multiple textboxes, based on the carriage returns in the text.

This feature is super helpful when copying text from word or another document.


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