When you add shapes or slides from within the Slide Library toolbar to a PowerPoint Team Slide Library, changes are only made to your local version of the library. These changes will not be replicated back to the master (to ensure team members do not unintentionally change shared libraries). Updating Team Slide Library master files is done via a different method but it is very straightforward.

Each Team Slide Library file is saved as a standard PowerPoint presentation (for example corporategallery.pptx). To update the central PowerPoint file, you access and make changes to the source .pptx file.

To update a PowerPoint Team Slide Library you simply open the .pptx gallery file from its location, make the required changes, and Save. If you update a local instance of the document, remember to upload your changed version back to the central location.

To add one or more slides to an existing Team Slide Library, open the file from C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity\YOURGALLERYNAME\corporategallery.pptx

Make required changes to the file and Save. You will be prompted to enter the new Library information for each new slide.

To delete a Team Slide Library item, just delete the slide as you normally would.

To change the Team Slide Library item name of an existing slide, close the presentation and edit it from the Slide Library toolbar by right-clicking on the Team Slide Library item and pressing Rename.