Easily add superscript in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity's Insert Superscript feature.

How to superscript in powerpoint? It's easy with this one click PowerPoint superscript shortcut. Superscript refers to text set in a smaller font, above the line of other text. Superscript in PowerPoint is often used to indicate a footnote on the slide, but can also be used in Mathematical formulae.

When adding footnotes in PowerPoint, you typically insert a footnote reference in superscript on the main text of a slide and combine it with the footnote details on the bottom of the page.

PPT Productivity's Insert Superscript feature has two modes:

  • Insert new text in superscript: simply click the Insert Superscript button at the point where you would like to add the text. The text you enter after clicking the button will be in superscript format.
  • Convert text to superscript: if you select text prior to clicking the button, the feature will instead convert selected text to Superscript.